"We at Studio Apostoli are honoured to have a number of our projects featured on the expertly curated SLEEPIFIER platform. It's a tremendous resource and tool for inspiration for professionals and enthusiasts of Architecture and Design, and we're proud to have been able to contribute."
Mina Tiesi
Interior Designer and Head of International PR at Studio Apostoli
"As a design consultancy we often access platforms such as SLEEPIFIER for inspiration and to track trends and developments in the hospitality industry. SLEEPIFIER is a beautifully curated collection of some of the best hotels in the world and is also a great showcase for our own projects which we know will be seen by current and potential clients."
Elaine Nettleton
Communications Manager at Godwin Austen Johnson.
"We are very happy of being a selected Studio of SLEEPIFIER, as the platform provides an excellent overview of current developments in hotel industry, offering the opportunity to present new projects within an international network, and so contributing to the promotion of today’s trends in this fascinating discipline."
Marco Piva
Founder of Studio Marco Piva
"Being a loyal partner of TOPHOTELPROJECTS for a long time, I am always impressed how the company grows and develops and comes up with new ideas … and SLEEPIFIER was certainly a great idea to support the hospitality design community! It is a great showcase for designers and at the same time a wonderful illustrated resource for products. Using SLEEPIFIER gives us an updated overview about worldwide hospitality design and inspirations for new materials and products from around the globe."
Peter Joehnk
Founding Partner of JOI-Design
"SLEEPIFIER not only gives us the option to promote our brand and connect the TUUCI name to all high-end hospitality projects we completed – it also has the extremely powerful function of connecting all of the involved parties of a project in a very unstrained and visual way. It’s an ideal platform for creating brand awareness, interest, and future conversations if you look at it from a supplier's perspective."
Jochem Borremans
Marketing Manager at Tuuci
"The SLEEPIFIER platform is intuitive and responsive, as is their team to work with and we have seen tremendous results and engagement from listing our project work."
Luca Franco
CEO and Founder of Luxury Frontiers
"SLEEPIFIER is much more than an inspiring platform. It is a great tool to discover new projects, engage with suppliers or stakeholders, and share nice stories. We are honored to have most of our Zannier Hotels properties listed, and we enjoy receiving the latest news about the awarded projects or state-of-the-art interiors that nourrish our inspiration for new projects."
Quentin Guiraud
Public Relations & Communication Manager of Zannier Hotels
"For many years Sleeper’s archive of beautiful hotel photography sat gathering dust on our shelves in magazine format. Now, thanks to our partnership with SLEEPIFIER, it has been collated, catalogued and curated into SLEEPIFIER – a full searchable platform that offers an invaluable source of information and inspiration for all hotel specifiers. In addition, architects, designers and FF&E brands now have a perfect way to showcase their own portfolios, references and case studies to potential clients."
Matt Turner
Editor-in-Chief at Sleeper Media
"SLEEPIFIER is an intelligent and effective database curation opportunity that the hotel design industry has been waiting for. An infinite pool of professionally cured images of select international hotel projects, each one provided with all the details and, above all, always with the branding of the designer. The benefits of SLEEPIFIER, especially the unlimited creation of your own albums will make it an indispensable tool."
Hakan Ozkasikci
Senior Vice President, Design & Technical Services at Kerzner International
"For those like me who are always on the look-out for new inspiration and evidenced trends, SLEEPIFIER is a fabulous tool to dive deep using pre-defined classifications. I am loving seeing what the 'Design Details' option reveals. More likely you will use your own, unique keyword searches to discover more. The image quality is great and the extensiveness of imagery per project is very useful."
Guy Dittrich
Editor-at-Large for Sleeper Magazine
"As a design studio focused on all things hospitality, SLEEPIFIER is not only a great platform to showcase but also a valuable tool to connect and keep informed."
Jeremy Stewart and Mardre Meyer
Executive Director and Creative Director at Source IBA
"As an architecture and interior design studio with a strong focus on the hospitality industry, we know that every time a project of ours is featured on SLEEPIFIER it will be embraced by a smart and passionate international community that wants to stay on the pulse of the most innovative projects in the sector. SLEEPIFIER is not only a great showcase, but also an effective tool to get inspired by the latest trends and projects in the hospitality industry."
Stefan Rier and Lukas Rungger
Founders of noa* - network of architecture
"SLEEPIFIER is a great resource for anyone involved in the hospitality industry. From their news reports of new project openings and product releases to the wealth of industry-related news provided through their TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION database, SLEEPIFIER is my go-to resource for all hospitality industry news and preferred platform to promote our own success stories. Their team is friendly, well organized and does a great job to help facilitate and maintain long-term professional relationships for a successful future."
Kyle Rottet
Marketing Director at Rottet Studio
"I always find myself looking forward to SLEEPIFIER publications and seeing how diverse and creative this community has become in recent years. It gives me a feeling of total freedom to each and every project we are commissioned hence allowing me and my team to immerse fully in every aspect of this quest for guest wellbeing, memorable experiences and most of all responsible and sustainable journeys. At GM Architects, we are proud to be part of this journey and get immense satisfaction every time we see one of our projects appear in SLEEPIFIER publications."
Galal Mahmoud
Founder and CEO of Galal Mahmoud Architects
"As an interior design studio that operates on six continents, we are looking for a vivid and complete understanding of the design code specific to a particular location. It is always amazing to see how local traditions infiltrate international hotel standards, building a stunning symbiosis of creativity and hospitality. Thanks to SLEEPIFIER’s online database, we can get the visual data we need in seconds. It is a pleasure to observe the fabulous ideas of our peers, and we are grateful for the chance to share our projects and receive feedback from the experts."
Irina & Olga Sundukovy
Co-founders of Sundukovy Sisters
"SLEEPIFIER is a great way to showcase our architecture and design projects to a great community of stakeholders and hospitality industry influencers. Watching the other developments and top quality projects on display closely helps us also to stay sharp, inspired and up to date."
Erich Bernard
Managing Partner, Founder & Owner of BWM Architekten
"Always at the fore of hotel trends, SLEEPIFIER's team seems to know just where to look for the most interesting projects all over the world. A wonderful resource for designers and hoteliers everywhere!"
Bill Bensley
Creative Director at Bensley
"We are very happy with the SLEEPIFIER platform – it’s a great database of hotel and resort projects worldwide and we’ve seen tremendous interest and response to our own projects which have even been featured in their newsletters. Happy to be part of this growing hospitality community."
Su Seam Teo
Partner at LTW Designworks
"The SLEEPIFIER platform is a wonderful mechanism for our team to keep abreast of the design trends worldwide which is very productive in the execution of our work."
Graeme Labe
Principle and Managing Director of Luxury Frontiers
"I was thrilled to witness the very start of SLEEPIFIER and see it grow as an important and extremely complete Database for astonishing architecture and design. It allows designers and design firms to showcase their work of course, but it has been an amazing tool for research, comparing design ideas and learning from the market. The work of the SLEEPIFIER team in gathering the information has been incredible."
Monika Moser
Chief Operating Officer at Campbell House
"I have known Rolf W. Schmidt from SLEEPIFIER since my time when I worked for Marriott Hotel Holdings as Head of Interior Design. At that time, I learned to appreciate the wonderful TOPHOTELWORLDTOUREvents and the valuable contacts that could be made there. Rolf is and has been a key player in the industry, with a wonderful sense for the right people, interesting opportunities and trends in the market. His latest project - SLEEPIFIER - is a great tool that gives particularly designers and owners access to first-class photos of realised projects. I look forward to future collaborations and wish him all the best for the new joint venture with Sleeper Editorial."
Patricia Holler
Hospitality Interior Design Consultant at WOID concepts

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